Quick Facts

Iqaluit is  the largest community in Nunavut as well as the capital city

* Located in the southeast part of Baffin Island, at 63° 45' N., 68° 31' W

"Iqaluit" means 'place of many fish'

* Population is approx. 7,250

* Median age of population is 28.8

* Languages: Inuktitut, English, French

* Main Industry: Government, Health Care, Tourism

Please note these average temperatures are based on current statistics available but these numbers are changing due to the effects of global warming and may not reflect recent changes

* On average there are only two months a year without snowfall; July and August

* The average temperature in January, February, and March is between -28 and -22 Celsius

* The only months with average temperatures above zero are June, July, August, and September

* Summer temperatures vary from + 8 degrees to the low teens.  It may peak in the +20's, though, on rare occasions

* Average snowfall per month is between 5cm - 50cm, with 20cm being the norm.

* The average amount of daylight in December is 5 hours

* The average amount of daylight in June is 22 hours

Click here for more detailed information and charts of Iqaluit weather

Click here for more detailed information and charts on Iqaluit daylight hours

Discover Iqaluit through the eyes of two people (Alex and Luke) as they visit Iqaluit for the first time. Watch their video below:

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