Packing tips from those who have made the move:

"Space bags were a big help in cramming in our clothing and bedding"

" Buy Rubbermaid totes for your stuff and seal it (at the airport in case they need to open it) with duct tape or red sheathing tape"

"Buy the lightest luggage you can so you can really make your weight count"

"Remember that your luggage will be moved around a lot and feel the elements of extreme cold at times so be careful buying cheap "shell" luggage that could crack."

"If you have to buy new gear for the north, look online first.  You may be able to find an online retailer who will ship the items up north for free or for a flat rate shipping.That  will leave more space for the belongings you already have." 
(see our shopping online page for more details)

"Roll your clothing; it saves space"

"Pack every nook and cranny. Make sure you stack things inside each other, use clothing or bedding for filler around fragile items. Make every inch in your luggage count!"

"If you are bringing up big boots and a big winter jacket, wear as much of it as you can when you go on the airplane flight, so as to leave as much space as available in your luggage for other items that you want to bring up. Make every space count!"

"Don't forget to make use of the carry on bag allowance"


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