Pet Services

There is a part time vet available now in Iqaluit.

In case of emergency or if the vet is unavailable please keep this in mind......

* There are some residents who have called down to vets in Ottawa or perhaps their former vet office and explained the symptoms over the phone and had the vet walk them through what to do. At times pictures or video footage has been emailed to the vet along with the symptoms and they may in some cases be able to recommend treatment or even fax a prescription off to the local pharmacy.

* Another option, if the animal is stable enough to travel, is to have the animal flown down to Ottawa, picked up at the airport, brought to a vet, treated, and then returned to the airport for the flight home.  There is, of course, an expensive price tag attached to this method.  It can, and has, been done though.

* Newbie Tip* : Be prepared with a first aid kit specific for your animal, and an emergency first aid handbook.  Hopefully you will not have to use it, but at least you are prepared.


Looking to give a pet a home? Want to volunteer and make a difference in the community? 


Website: Iqaluit Humane Society

Facebook:  Iqaluit Humane Society Facebook Page

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