Living Green in Iqaluit

Iqaluit Community Greenhouse Society

There is a community greenhouse that you can pay a small fee to be a member and have a spot of your own in the greenhouse.

Visit for more details and for contact information

For eating organic all year round see
Eco information at the bottom of this page!
Compost Iqaluit

Divert your organic waste from the landfill and provide nutrient rich soil (used in conjunction with the local greenhouse)

There are arrangements set up for members to be able to have compost bins in their home, which are regularly picked up.

For more details visit their blog at :

Recycling in Iqaluit

Liquor containers can be recycled locally at:
Building 1324.

Visit the facebook page for more info, directions, and hours of operaton:

Recycle Iqaluit Facebook

Beverage Recycling Facility

Coming soon.... recycling pop cans or other beverage containers.

An exciting new developments is currently underway, though, by Arctic - Co op they are organizing a new recycling program for Nunavut.

To read the full story and get details click here to read from Nunatsiaq News
Other Household Recycling

If you are looking to recycle other household items here are a few suggestions of where they can be used:

Plastic Grocery Bags -

The Public library often accepts donations of plastic bags to assist when they have book sales throughout the year.

Newspaper -

The Iqaluit Humane Society accepts donations of newspapers.

Visit their website here

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